the idea

cruising anarchy

the idea

We love this:

I know shit about racing but I dig sailing anarchy! The idea is to sail around the world. Not float on a blue lagoon, not sit in a yard day dreaming, not talk about how sailing is awesome and never raise a sail.
The idea is to get out there. sailing, as far as we can, as off the beaten track as we can.
The idea is to go explore these waters and these lands, meet inspiring people, capture this journey on the wild blue road
and share the stories with anyone who wants to listen so we can maybe all believe that the world we live in is an awesome one and quit the boring pessimist mood.

I am 27 years old and a little more than one year ago, I was working in the show industry.
I then met a guy in an hotel while traveling and he told me about his project of sailing the world.
I never left this guy… and I now have a sailboat with him and we are going for it.
Not waiting for the time to pass to grab the life I want. So the journey is starting right here, right now. 

Letting the fucking status quo blow.- Anarchist Claudia.