gopro video wednesday

gopro video wednesday

Our slack asses have gone six weeks without awarding a GoPro Hero camera for the best video posted to our Facebook page, but we’re here to tell you that the contest is still on! So post your best videos this week, and we’ll be awarding our February winner next Monday. In the meantime, here’s some fun video diversion to start your week.



Mr. Clean caught up with a guy who not only has two Jules Vernes Trophies under his belt, but is also the world’s premier racing yacht graphics designer. When you see Orange II, Groupama, Gitana, or Foncia, you’re looking into JB Epron’s brain, and check the vid to learn what makes a great racing logo and graphics package, what his favorite design is, and how being a racer helps him be a better graphic designer.




Nothing seems to get our attention more than the carnage that comes when shipping meets yachting. From the KeepTurningLeft guy comes this piece showing just that….in miniature. Shocking!




Despite our love affair with carbon and epoxy and the various flavors of unobtanium, most of our hearts still go pitter-patter when a nice piece of wooden sailing art goes by. The skills to build boats from that most original of carbon-fibers are not easy ones, so we’re all fortunate that folks like Traditional Maritime Skills are keeping them alive – and documenting it. This one is a time-lapse movie of the building of the Greyhound, a replica of a famous 3-masted lugger of the same name.




Ashley Love caught this 49er action in last month’s Miami OCR, and by action, we mean nearly taking someone’s head off with a bowsprit. Short, sweet, and to the point. Thread is here.