sponsor chicks of the week


sponsor chicks of the week

Without sponsors, much of what we love about sailing wouldn’t exist. 18 foot skiffs? Hardly. Open regatta bars? Rarely. So this week, a little love from us for two of the chicks representing companies bringing some love to the sport.

Three Princes

26 year-old Christine Giles was crowned Queen of the Harbour during Sunday’s 18-foot skiff Queen of the Harbour race in Sydney. Christine jumped aboard with long time SA friend Bret Van Munster and crew Shaun Moran and Rob Flanagan to win the race and the royal title.

“It was unbelievable, as we came into the finish the boys unhooked as there was a section of reef they were trying to navigate through, and I couldn’t unhook, so it was a little scary as I went flying off the side and the boys were in the middle. It’s pretty exciting to take out first place and the title of Queen of the Harbour,” said Christine.

Van Munster was elated with the win.“It was all about having fun today and we sure did that,” he said. “We didn’t think we’d win, but Christine did a great job, and that made the difference!” Giles had her priorities straight on hitting shore; the newly-crowned queen hit the showers while her Prince Charmings put the boat away.

It was a fitting result all round for the Kenwood company, title sponsors of Van Munster’s boat; Christina is the company’s National Sales Coordinator. Report and photo from Nicole Scott/Sailingimages.net.

Banker’s Hours

Miami-based EFG Bank has been sponsoring the Viper 640 circuit for a couple of years now, and former class prez Justin Scott sent us his nomination for Sailor Chick of the Week from the ranks of their esteemed sponsor, as shot by Marco Oquendo down at Bacardi Sailing Week.

“EFG’s support has been critical to the grown of the Miami events, as well as the Viper class in general, and we’re so grateful for their hands-on involvement in our racing! EFG Vice President Kenia Rocha from Brazil was the figurehead this weekend, and sporting a bright yellow shirt on the VIP boat, she had some serious visibility among the fleet. After watching the racing, the former Ironman competitor was overheard at the tent saying “they are so fast…I am going to get a sportboat!””

Congratulations to both sponsor/sailor chicks – may many more follow!