can’t we all just get along?

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can’t we all just get along?

OK, so the wanker Regatta Committee at my club, in a complete and transparent act of cronyism, has decided to allow a multihull to sail in our club races under PHRF. The boat in question is a Corsair 31, and the competition includes mostly cruiser/racers with PHRF in the mid to upper hundreds and a few J24’s. My question is, is there any way to properly rate a multihull to sail against monohulls?

I have tried in vain to explain to them that PHRF is based on the speed potential of a boat and that there really isn’t any single number rating system that works. We have even asked a member of US Sailing Offshore Council to chime in and he says that it just doesn’t work. He said that even the areas that rate multis in PHRF are for racing multis vs. multis, not multi vs. monos. They won’t hear it because of they are all so up the ass of the multi owner that they know what he had for lunch.

The races in question are non spinnaker, using government marks and typically include a windward leg and two reaches. As you can guess, unless he does something remarkably stupid or the conditions are abnormal, the multihull wins.

Does anyone else out there have any experience with this or can provide any insight in how to handle this? Flame on.