being there


Financial Crises has landed, and in second place.

We made it! We are in Punta del Este Uruguay, 35 days at sea! We have
sailed through gale force winds, we reached across the depths of the
Southern Ocean with albatrosses to guard our progress, we clenched our
teeth through the icebergs, we fought with the icy winds from Antarctica,
we rounded the most dreaded cape in the world, we sailed through the snow
capped cliffs of la Tierra del Fuego, we caught kelp in our rudders and
watched spectacular sunsets and sunrises, we smelt land by the shores of
Argentina and crossed the muddy waters of the Plata river, but most of all
we kept our dream alive, one step closer to home, one step closer to
racing around the world. And what a result, we are second in Punta and
climbed to second place in the overall leaderboard!!! Finish video here.

We’ve just arrived and all i want to do now is celebrate, eat, drink,
laugh, cheer, jump around…