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mic check

So now that the big AC TV deal with NBC has been announced (can’t wait to see the financials of this deal), we now cringe in anticipation of who will make up the broadcast team. Will NBC do what all the other networks have done in the past and hire the same tired, uninspiring, predictable "sailing announcers"? You know the names, "Pedro" Isler, Annie Gardner. Gary Jobson. Dawn Riley, et al. A snooze fest that not only bores sailors, but will put non-sailors into a deep coma. One that they may never come out of.

Or will we get the loud, hyperventilating Peter Montgomery? There are qualified people, like Mitch Booth, who can do a good job, but it remains to be seen if NBC will go out and find good people under 50 who can bring something to the broadcast, rather than detracting from it.

Title inspiration from the greatest band ever.