et the f out of town

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get the f out of town

Chris Caen from HuffPo brings it

Friday afternoon the word went out about the lawsuit filed to stop the America’s Cup. And let’s be perfectly clear, chasing the Cup out of town was the exact purpose of that effort, because the requests to satisfy that lawsuit would have blown the Cup deadlines to pieces. By Monday afternoon however, the lawsuit had almost become moot, because the America’s Cup organizers dropped the news on our unsuspecting mayor that they were pulling out of almost all the development anticipated around the races.

The first wave of tweets announcing the lawsuit did not come from San Francisco; instead the first barrage of tweets came from San Diego. This is not terribly surprising because if we do manage to screw this up, San Diego is going to roar in and take our event away from us, given that they already have shore facilities they have been expanding since they hosted the Cup in 1988. Read on.