reality bites.

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reality bites

Marco Nannini reminds you, just in case you were getting some weird idea in your head, why going ocean racing is crazy…

I guess we all assumed that once turned the corner from the Horn
everything was going to be easy, I certainly did, so I was a little
surprised when last night the wind piped up to a fierce 35-40 knots dead
on the nose in a nasty chop and a mysterious 2 knots adverse current. The
net result was 12 hours of very nasty sailing and very little progress.

With frustration building quickly we came to the stark realisation that
that the last stretch from the Strait of Le Maire to Punta was not to be
taken for granted. We totally missed the train with the weather, Cessna
ahead of us hooked into very strong following winds propelling them at
furious speeds towards the finish line, here we struggle to make much
progress at all covering just about 100 miles per day in endless
headwinds, rather disappointing.

The forecast ahead is rather complex and we just have to keep pressing and
tacking on the wind shifts, I think we will not see any following winds
for another 2 days!