Coming of Age


Yea, this is BIG news to many… I first heard about the possible deal about 3 weeks ago but was asked to hold back. Well, it’s out now. Dawg

PStar productionWith the Star removed from Olympic status, the guys who build the PStar, looked for a new Olympic Class to build for. Who would have thought that such a High Quality and World Class Outfit as The North American Sailing Center, would have seen the 2.4mR as an opportunity. Make sure you check out their site. These guys are going to bring the 2.4mR to a whole new level.

Mark Bryant, a Lightning Champion,  Boat Builder, Spar Maker and Coach, has sold his 2.4mR One Design Measured molds to Jon VanderMolen of the North American Sailing Center, in Richland Michigan. Now it will be up to Jon, which is probably not an issue, to build a boat the measures and weighs in to the OD criteria. With the value of the dollar below that of the Euro, I bet Charger Composites the Finn Builder, is shitting "Soric" bricks. Anyone who know me understands the Pun. A builder like Jon brings a World Class reputation to the Intl 2.4mR Class that may or may not elevate the boat in the US above the perceived Disabled Sailor Status. moldsWhat do I mean by that, the 2.4mR is an Open Class where many many different peoples compete, Young; Old; Disabled; Able; Men; Women. But many in the US still see the boat as one for the disabled, Get over it, this is sailing at it’s purest form where strength and hiking ability are out the window and you are Sailing with your BRAIN. No Ainslie’s here jumping in photo boats.

I challenge the SA Community to buy 6 (or more) of these boats (soon) from Jon and donate them to Challenged America for use in the 2012 Independence Cup scheduled for October in San Diego, time is short so don’t take too long. Prior to or after the Independence Cup we can put an event where some of us disabled will go head to head (maybe match racing) with some of SA’s 2.4mR Best in a fund raiser where side betting (wink wink) can benefit Challenged America. This is the First Major Paralympic Level (disabled) Regatta held on the West Coast. I hope it is not a bust.

OK, back to the story, For those who do not know, Mark was diagnosed with MS several years back and joined the ranks of…….us, the disabled. Mark is confident that Jon will do a Great job for the class. Because of his MS, Mark has been slowly getting worse and feels that he cannot provide the level that Jon and his team can do for the 2.4mR Class. Now retired, Mark will continue as International 2.4mR Newsletter editor, US 2.4mR yahoo group moderator and finally get to go sailing with out worrying about running a business.

I hope the Best for Jon and his venture in to the 2.4mR and the Paralympic Stage. Mark, I hope I see you on the race course soon.

 – Woof