We don’t get something like this every day, but if someone knows someone who knows someone….

Hungarian Gabor Rakonczay is attempting to cross the Atlantic single handedly in a custom built canoe. He started from Lagos, Portugal in January and arrived at the Canary Islands 15 days later.
On January 25th he continued his voyage to Guadeloupe. Together with his wife Viktoria he has already once crossed the Atlantic in a rowing boat. The current journey would be the first solo trans atlantic crossing in a canoe.

Last contact with him was February 6th via SAT-phone. Since then the phone is down and no news has been received from him. His wife believes, that this is due to humidity in the canoe from a capsize Gabor reported one day earlier. She is confident that her husband continues his voyage as planned and is well.

Last reported position Feb 6, 9:00:
23° 49,675’ North
023° 29,095 West

He will probably turn west once he reaches:
16° 28,34’ North
046° 14,29’ West

Is there any way SA could ask sailors crossing the Atlantic to look out for him and If someone sees him let me know? – Anarchist Laszlo.