get on board


get on board

We’re taking 2012 names to the Games.
Richard Clarke and Tyler Bjorn have qualified to represent Canada in the London 2012 Olympic Games this summer sailing in the Star boat.

"Thanks to the generosity and hard work of so many we have made it this far. But we still need  $98,000 to meet financial obligations over the next 6 months (equipment, logistics, travel and  support for both training and racing)."

"Now we want to TAKE YOU ONBOARD OUR NEW STAR BOAT – ALL THE WAY TO THE GAMES!! For a  $50 tax deductible donation or $25 for 18 years and under tell us your name and we will write it on  the stern of our boat NOW and keep it there until the Olympic Games. Yes that’s correct, for less  than a tank of gas, a women’s hair cut or dinner out for 2 your name can be on our boat!
For more information go to www.getonboard.ca