better winches – better sailing

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better winches – better sailing

Andersen winches have long been recognized as the absolute best winches available.  With a stainless steel drum and the patented Power Rib®, Andersen winches are known for better grip, better looks and for lasting longer than any other winch.

Over the last few year’s however things have been a little quiet on the Andersen front; nothing to do with the product, more to do with business stuff and the economy.  But late 2010 saw the merger of Ronstan and Andersen and together the company started pushing hard to get the winches “back out there.”

Often the question of what winches to buy is answered along the lines of “if you can afford Andersen, that’s the way to go.”  Well starting on March 1st, Andersen is running a manufacturer’s rebate program where you can get up to $300 back on any Andersen winch.  The rebates are $50, $150 or $300 depending on size and option of manual or electric. The cool part is this rebate is valid for Andersen winches purchased through your favorite retailer.  Simply order the winches, visit www.andersenwinches.us, download a rebate form and follow the rebate instructions.    

So if new winches or a power conversion are in your plans this Spring, it’s worth a look at Andersen!  www.andersenwinches.us