weird, still

weird, still

Leg 4, Day 1, Stage 2
20 February 2012

Amory Ross, MCM, PUMA Ocean Racing powered by BERG 

Walking into to an empty marina was not exactly the way we wanted to start our morning, but as the last boat to finish yesterday’s course and the last boat to start today’s, that is how it began. Our lonelyMar Mostro sat at the docks, idly awaiting the looming departure and coming storm. Sanya, and China, have been lovely hosts and we’ve thoroughly enjoyed the crowds with their enthusiasm. But, the time to go has come and we’re all excited to get going and take on the challenging road to Auckland on Leg 4. 

Our start was fine, though it was not one to be remembered. We drifted across the line by ourselves a little before 8 AM (local), 40 minutes after Telefónica, with only Abu Dhabi still visible around the corner. Naturally, the leaders were the first to arrive at the stronger winds to the east and we had to watch them extend their advantage. 

We eventually made it across the morning zephyrs and we’re now going upwind in about 20 knots of wind and an unnecessarily violent wave set. The sea is making life unpleasant for the time being, and nobody expects it to do anything but worsen. We’re all trying to adjust to the ocean life in a hurry, but in the incessant and unpredictable pounding there’s bound to be some suffrage!