start and then start again


start and then start again

The VOR Leg from Sanya to Auckland will start on time at 1400 local time. However, the fleet will sail the planned course off the marina then across Sanya Bay to a huge Buddah to the West and back to a timed finish off the marina.
Some 12-15 hours later the race will restart with the boats starting in individual timed starts and then on to Auckland.

Now I know some of you will throw your hands up in horror, quote “Rule 4” and all the rest of it but all I would say to you is you have obviously never lost a friend to the sea – I have!

I am sure all would agree only an idiot would go out sailing into a sea area where there is a tropical depression lurking and it is not a big step to state that only an idiot would knowingly send a bunch of sailors out into one.

Thankfully the Volvo Ocean Race team are not idiots and the decision above has not been made, I am sure, lightly.

Add to the weather that is actually out there – it is not a prediction – the fact that the Luzon Strait produces the sort of shallow water, rough weather wave pattern that in some way or form almost did for the whole fleet last time round, only a fool, whether sailor, organizer, sponsor or supporter would knowingly send people – not just boats remember – into such conditions.

Now, it could be that you are not a proper sailor or have never experienced conditions that have you reaching to text “I love you” to your nearest and dearest or simply have an unhealthy desire to see others get hurt.

If you don’t fit into any of the above categories you, with a little bit of thought, should see that – although we would all love to see them blasting straight off to the Land of the long White Cloud – the only possible sensible decision has been made. – Shanghai Sailor.