ice, ice baby

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ice, ice baby

The boys from Financial Crisis take you deep…

Yesterday a brief email from Cessna some 50 miles to our port (to the
north of us) brought home the reality of our current position on the
planet. They had just spotted two icebergs, Antarctica is just over 1000
miles to the south of us and although we are out of dense iceberg
territory a few bergs survive long into the summer and drift north towards
our current position which was confirmed by recent satellite imagery. We
are keeping a constant radar lookout and visually inspect the horizon
regularly. So far luckily I can only report an amazing setting of the moon
during the night which lit beneath the layer of clouds with an incredible
amber glow followed by a remarkable sunrise with spectacular colours in a
very crisp morning.

Less than 1200 miles to Cape Horn and we are still facing very unusual and
calm conditions, we haven’t seen winds above 10 knots for a few days now
and we have been flying our light winds sails typically reserved for the
doldrums rather than the high latitudes, so much so that before the
restart in Wellington we had considered swapping our upwind code zero for
another running sail, luckily we didn’t as it would have been a disaster,
the weather has been difficult to read, very often the actual conditions
we meet differ from the forecast and it is a bit of a lottery as to what
we should expect, I don’t even know if it is an advantage to be south of
Cessna, we could gain or we could lose but we are pressing on hoping for
another lucky break…