the gap

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the gap

Who would have imagined that in the third and most symbolic of legs,
heading for Cape Horn, we would be battling for the lead of the Global
Ocean Race. The storms of the early part of this leg seem now a distant
memory, two boats retired in huge seas and 50 knots winds. Today in the
southern depths of the Pacific Ocean at 55 degrees south, on the edge of
iceberg territory we are sailing in sunshine, flat waters and just enough
wind, 6-8 knots, to keep moving. Most importantly today marks a massive
come back for us, we closed a 284 miles gap to Cessna Citation and at the
last position report we were trailing the brand new latest generation boat skippered by Conrad Colman by less than 2 miles. Giving us a chance to
restart in the middle of the Ocean.

Admittedly the weather has helped us in this feat, a ridge of light airs
slowed down the leading boat whilst we kept more wind and closed in, but
now it’s all game again, we are in the same winds and battling for the
lead of the race, I would have never imagined this to be possible, the
spirits are high and we are enjoying the moment.

A massive thanks to the new wave of contributions to our racing budget
through the webpage www.marconannini.com/help