all my (vee) exes live in texas

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all my (vee) exes live in texas

Rod Favela of Vela Sailing Supply checks in with the report from the first VX-One Demo down Texas way. Remember that the new ‘lead-assisted dinghy’ will have its first-ever one-design start next week at the Mardi Gras Race Week.

Well, let’s start by saying that the Texan crowd is a bunch of tough sailors (boys and girls). Thank you for your support and commitment regardless of the weather! Almost everybody who RSVP’d showed up and coped with the weather (29 degrees in the morning, then "warmed" up to 36 degrees). It was blowing 15 knots gusting up to 29 knots from the North.

We had hot coffee, chocolate and cinnamon rolls for the early birds who attended to the "Cold Weather Sailing Gear Seminar.” We ramp launched without any problems. Dropping the keel, hoisting the main and all the other bits was a very easy one-man operation. All super simple and where it has to be.

Then the rides: really gusty conditions allowed all present sailors to see and feel how stable the boat is. It always took 2 or 3 minutes (real time) for people to figure what and where was everything, as well as how it would work. One of the sweetest things is the self-tacking jib and traveler system. Adjusting the slot between both sails will make the boat fly upwind. We registered 6.3 knots on pointing mode in flat water with 510 lbs on the rail. Went bow down hiking a bit harder and touch 7.1 knots. (blame the Speedpuck if you don’t like the number, not me).

The spinnaker maneuver is way too easy, we might need to complicate it a little more: kite goes up/pole goes out and the same "hoisting dude" can grab the spinnaker sheet, adjust the jib and make the boat jump on a plane without sweating…

Around 15:00 we took a quick break for a raffle: Vela shirts, sailing gloves, Corrosion X products (courtesy of JD Hill) and a free Velocitek Speedpuck with the purchase of a VX One…some warm beers and hot dogs went well with the reggae and tropical music, almost made us forget it was a balmy 36 degrees.

At the end of the day, we had about 30 people who showed up at the club, and 15 of them went for rides. By the time we’d finished and we pulled the boat from the water, a sheet of solid ice encapsulated the deck and all control lines.

The overall impression? Everyone is amazed at how simple, strong, user friendly and fast the VX One is. Big, super fluky winds, submerged obstructions, freezing temps, and there was no drama, no carnage – no problem. An early look tells me that the VX-One is quickly changing the way people are looking at sailing.

Great thanks to the Corinthian Sailing Club, specially to Norm Grail, Mike Hansen and Mike Mittman for being such great supporters of the VX One and the sport in North Texas.

Pictures coming soon in the thread…, story title comes from this classic George Strait diddy.