almost free

almost free

Ever thought of chartering a singlehanded boat for an epic voyage? Well, now you can do it for free. Sort of.

We’re talking about the Microship, a wacky little canoe-cum-beach-trimaran that supergeek Steve Roberts spent a decade building into quite possibly the most complicated beach vessel ever to float. And the voyage is the 1000 NM “Vancouver Island Adventure”, a cruising rally around the wild Canadian island scheduled for later this summer. And yeah, if you can prove you have what it takes, Steve says he’ll give you the boat for the trip.

Proving capable will be harder than it sounds, though. Roberts writes:

“To be ready for this, the Microship needs some maintenance and improvements… so please budget a solid 2-3 months in some kind of nearby facility to get ready for the trip. I have a 480-watt solar array custom-made for the boat that was never fully installed (a significant mechanical project, optional but very cool), and this can run the electric thruster at full blast on a sunny day to make life easy. Hydraulics need to be bled, the pedal drive needs to be lubricated and cleaned, the fabric dodger needs some tweaks to keep the water out when you’re trying to sleep, and probably lots of other things. The boat has a VHF and GPS, LED navlights, a solid power system, fresh-water tank with pump, Delta anchor, horn, radar reflector, ultrasonic wind sensor, and a few other goodies. The recumbent seat is highly adjustable, and can retract onto the after-deck to allow rolling out a camping mattress and sleeping bag.”

The more you read, the worse it sounds, but surely there’s some out-of-work Anarchist multihull sailor ready to pounce on this opportunity in between medical marijuana harvests? Check out the thread for more info – I’d imagine we’ll see Roberts himself pop up before too long.

The Microship is for sale, too…check it.