first to finnish


first to finnish

Some 177,000 boats are registered in the Volvo Ocean Race Game, but Anarchy still reigns supreme! Finnish SA’er “Micke” looks set to take the prize for winning Leg 3; an all-expenses-paid trip to Auckland for the start of Leg 5! Apparently, Micke had the final few miles well in hand when a bug screwed up the very top of the fleet, but administrators say they’re working on it, and we expect an announcement shortly.

Meanwhile, the incredible success of the VOR Game (Alexa says the VORG site has nearly the traffic of the VOR site) is more proof that an alliance with proven game builders, combined with meaningful prizes, can have some seriously positive effects on your race and its sponsors. It turns a tidy profit as well.

Nice work to all the Anarchist VORG racers, but especially to our Finnish friend. There’s a thread for both racers and the Cruising Anarchy WLYDO.