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the main man

We told you a few weeks ago that Africa Diaspora Maritime fonder Charles Kithcart’s lawsuit against Golden Gate Yacht Club was something of a hail Mary legally, and that unless Kithcart could get the mainstream media to pick up the “hated rich white boy vs. underprivileged black youth” angle, he’d disappear pretty quickly.

Guess what? With GGYC’s Motion to Dismiss the suit not far from a judge’s ears, Kithcart and the ADM just hit the Carolina research triangle-based NewsObserver and the Bellingham Herald in Washington State with many of his talking points, and some things we haven’t heard until now. An excerpt:

If that isn’t enough, the nonprofit African Diaspora Maritime Corp. wants to do it all while teaching about and promoting yacht racing – a notoriously white sport – to black youth as a catalyst to spur interest in technology, science and math, which all play huge roles in developing race yachts. The corporation wants to tie all of that to the long, but seldom-taught, history of black mariners.

Want to learn more about the strange case of Charles Kithcart? Check the thread, and keep an eye out – we expect things to get a lot louder.