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soft landing

The staff at SA asked me to write a little introduction for Soft Deck and our products, but I figured I would spare you our canned press release and just say this: our nonskid products are soft, provide great traction even when wet, they are barefoot friendly, and super easy to install.

I think our products are great, but who wants to hear that from the owner of the company? Better to let fellow SA members tell you about their experience using our products. This is from Ross Moore owner of the J92 “H2 Blue” who races out of the Redondo Beach YC.

We went out on a Tuesday night beer can race and conditions got a little wild. Seas were 4 feet with an occasional 6 foot wave. The boat was overpowered with a 155% jib and we couldn’t change jibs as we had left all of our sails on the dock , thinking is was going to be lite. We took on a lot of water over the bow in the 13 knot winds and the crew got soaked. I have two guys on the fore deck and they told me later that the soft deck was the only reason they were able to stay on their feet. After the race and back at the slip I went up on the fore deck myself and bounced around on the wet soft deck there. I was very impressed on how much friction there was. This is a great safety addition to my boat.

If you are in Southern California you can find our products at Sailing Supply in San Diego, or SA readers in the US get free shipping when they enter promo code ANARCHY at checkout.