turn that paige


turn that paige

SA Contributing Editor Paige Brooks has been living out her sailing passion for a long time. Whether helming her Etchells, running race committee, or helping out the OTW Anarchy report, no one can say that “Dixie” doesn’t give back to the sport constantly.

And last weekend, she took some of that goodness back during the 3 Bridge Fiasco – and for all she does out in the Bay Area and beyond, she’s our Sailor Chick of the Week. Congrats, Paige!

You can read the full race rundown in the very informative and photo-filled thread, and here’s Paige’s report, with a photo from Jeremy Leonard/Surf City Racing, with a huge gallery of great shots here.

I had the great pleasure of sailing the Three Bridge with Jonathan "Bird" Livingston aboard his custom Wylie "Punk Dolphin." The 3BF has been on my racing ‘bucket list’ forever, but this was my first time, and only my second time out sailing with Bird.

We had a blast and laughed our way around the course, and by magic and determination, managed to eke out a 2nd in our fleet of 36 boats (21st overall). The weather was grand, the wind spotty, and the competition delightful. I love the way the race challenges you on so many levels – current, wind, competition, and lickety split clean up at the corners so you’re ready for your next big move.