the spirit of generosity

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the spirit of generosity

Life at sea from Marco Nannini sailing the Global Ocean Race

We have now been at sea for 2 full days and slowly getting back in the
swing of ocean life, daily food bags, sail changes, position reports, naps
and snacks… the start of this leg was far from simple for us with lots
of little snags to worry about, the brand new spare NKE wind wand started
throwing an error before even leaving the dock, but too late to do
anything about it, the master alternator wasn’t initially charging the
batteries, the ballast pump didnt respond and the mast navigation and deck
lights would not work on the first night…

When we left Wellington harbour in about 10 knots of wind we were caught
completely by surprise finding 35 knots just outside, probably
Wellington’s way of waving us goodbye. We had not set the staysail before
leaving and everything suddenly became very uncomfortable and we lost ages
to do the sail changes trying to avoid any early damage.

On the second day we slowly fixed the problems and things looked up and we
started enjoying the Pacific Ocean ride, we are now with our small
spinnaker, one of the two kindly repaired free of charge by Dave at
Seaview Sails and Rigging to help us get going again. We have a lot of
people to thank in Wellington for the support received during this
stopover, the wonderful Ben and Sarah Spencer who hosted us in Karori, Eva
and Frank Kiss who lent us a car to get around as well as treating us to
a few nice meals, Craig and Geoff who donated some freeze dried food, Ben
Amor who serviced our winches, dived to scrub the boat and invited us for
a killer barbecue… all in all i will never forget the kindness and
generosity of everyone in Wellington.

Such generosity made our life easier and kept the cost down and now that
we left we can draw a line, thanks also to the donations received from
friends and the sailing public during the previous leg we pulled it off
and are at sea again. Now that land is a few hundred miles behind I can
reveal that i very nearly got into negotiations to sell the boat but
hopefully we’ll take care and try to minimise damage on this leg and in
Punta we’ll be one leg closer to home.

Adding up the donations received to our racing funds from the beginning of
the race i can also reveal that the public has now officially become our
number one sponsor, a massive thanks hence to all those that helped us
keep going by donating through our paypal page at