“i’ll take this one”

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"i’ll take this one"

We clicked on the photo and thought how nice and new and bright and shiny this thing is and how easy it would be, if one was in the market for something like this, to say, "I’ll take it!". We can dream…

The biggest boat show in the world is held once a year in Dusseldorf, Germany and this year Farr  showed off the Farr 400 in a quiet corner of one of the 18 buildings. It takes a good 8 hours to  scratch the surface of the "Boot" and skip through at least every building once. Sometimes walking  a straight rhumb line between entrance and exit. All major sailing suppliers and yacht  manufacturers were represented. Too bad that I am still stuck at the Istanbul AIrport trying to make  it back to the U.S., but at least I hacked into a hotel network here and submitted something to the  sailing community.  – Anarchist Axel.