2012 us 2.4 mr mid-winter report Miami, Florida

2012 us 2.4 mr mid-winter report

Miami, Florida
Day 1

It was an ideal day for sailing on Biscayne Bay. The wind was steady at the start of the first race at 10-12 from the north and stayed that way for the entire race. With oscillations of up to 25 degrees on either side of north, it became important to play all of the shifts. Allan led all the way around the course to take the win with Johnny and 2012 Midwinters downind close upMegan fighting it out for second place right behind him. In race 2 the wind started to go light and would drop to 6-8 and then go back up to 10-12. The shifts were about the same in the beginning but then started to persistently go right and the RC moved to the right for the last leg. Allan again took the lead for this race with Charlie and Paul finishing second and third.

The wind continued to the right while the sailors took a short break and the RC moved the course. The third race saw the wind starting to build with a steady 12-14. Paul was leading Megan into the gate when his whiskerpole wouldn’t retract and he had to drop out of the race. Megan went on to lead the fleet around the course for a first place finish. We saw some new blood up in the lead in this race with Thierry in second and Jerry in third. For the start of the fourth race we had the wind building to 14-16 and three boats were over early. Megan was one of those boats and she did not return to restart and retired at the top mark. Paul walked away from the fleet in the heavier wind with Allan and Thierry placing second and third. A number of boats dropped out of the race as the wind and waves became more difficult.

2012 Midwinters Leeward RoundingPizza and wings were waiting for the sailors when they finished putting away their boats and got a chance to look over the results. Tomorrow’s racing begins at 10:30 with a goal of four races.

Day 2
The day started out light and shifty early in the morning while we gathered our gear on the dock preparing to shove off to the race site. Several people asked if we’d be sailing and I assured them that we should see some wind shortly. Sure enough the wind started to fill in from the east and by the time we got to the race area it was blowing 6-8 knots.

The start of the first race saw the wind at about 8 from 105 degrees. We planned on the wind going right and were taken by surprise when it went back to 95 degrees and we had to move the gate for the second leg. We had several boats over early and all got back except Juan. Allan started the day out right again taking first and Paul and Johnny were second and third.

2012 Midwinters Dowind RunThe next race again saw several boats over early with Megan and Juan not coming back. The wind picked up a bit to 10-12 and was looking like it wanted to go back to the right. Allan took first again as it started to look like he was getting pretty dialled in to the wind. Johnny took second with Jerry in third.

After a short break for all, we moved the weather mark back to the right and got race three started. We had one over early on this race and they returned so everyone was going to be scored! We saw another lefty and had to move the gate again! This was just getting old! There was a bit of a mixing in the results on this race with Paul taking first and Jerry second and Thierry third.

In the last race of the day We had four boats over early with only one returning. The wind stayed put for the entire race and built at times to 12-14. We saw the shifts oscillate about 30 degrees but it always returned to where we had it set so we didn’t have to move the course. Allan took first place again with Megan in second and Jerry in third. Results

Thanks to Steve Olive PRO for running the Regatta and submitting this report and to Regatta Chair Mark Bryant for providing the Pizza and Wings.

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