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world’s whinge

Apparently, the two thousand dollar entry fee doesn’t buy all that much at an Etchells World Championship. Confusing equipment requirements, no trailer storage or parking, and a club atmosphere that has been described in less-than-glowing terms by SA’er ‘Sloan.’ Here’s his view on host Royal Sydney Yacht Squadron, from the entertaining Etchells Worlds thread.

It is a pain in the ass club to visit for regattas and even if many members are supportive, that support does not extend to sharing the car park or being put out in anyway whatsoever. As usual, half the car park if not more will be empty for the whole week of the event.

There is no doubt the members come first at RSYS. I am not saying that is wrong or right but it is an undoubted fact. It is no worse though than many "Royal" clubs around the place. A lot of pretentious wankers with a few letters after their names swanning around like they are superior in every way to the dirty unwashed proles who they take advantage of at every single opportunity. The only people that fit in well at the squadron are social climbers (have they no pride) and of course their betters, those that inherited wealth but are convinced that they and their family are an excellent example of a functioning meritocracy.

The some that might whinge that you are referring to, is pretty much every non sailing member and plenty of the sailing members as well. Since club racing will no doubt be going on as usual whilst the worlds are being run, it will inevitably create conflict between visitors and members. Everyone will be given the standard speech at the briefing I am sure, where the visiting sailors will be told to respect the members and understand that they are also racing this week for their twilight and weekend racing and to please be aware of that.

So when you see that doddery old property developer who has systemically raped many Sydney suburbs to further fill his families’ treasure chest , be sure to genuflect as they pass. I find they appreciate a simple bow and averting of the eyes. Treat them like a Saudi prince and you will be fine.

After your fine speech Colin, you have to admit it is quite amusing to read your response to Lydia and her request to borrow your card. Give Lydia your pass Colin and pay cash at the bar if you visit. I am sure that Lydia wont misuse your bar tab and if it is such an issue speak to the house manager and disable that feature.

Putting that aside, I will say this; if you are attending a regatta at RSYS plan on catching a cab or being dropped of by your wife/husband. On the few occasions I have had to sail from there I just book a cab in advance for all the race days on the program. Way less stressful. Plan on there being no parking at all. As for your gear, just dump it up in the Laser shed for the duration, somewhere not to in the way of course.

I am sure there are many decent people at RSYS who aren’t climbers, trust fund brats, rich old buggers with zero regard for the society that has given them so much, and all the rest of the private school boy clique from the "right" schools and families. I have even met some of them, usually working behind the bar or elsewhere in that gentrified copy of a club that is nothing more than a small attempt to replicate a little bit of England out here in the colonies by the black sheep of the English families that were forced to live in Australia and manage their families commercial concerns over the last century or so.

I know quite a few RSYS members and they are all monstrous snobs. I can not think of a single one that is not and it would appear that the lower down the pecking order you are in that world, the more snobby and offensive you must be.

Most of those that I know and have met are involved in finance, insurance, farming and mining concerns and all are terrible racists but at the same time they are all for bringing in millions of immigrants to Australia. Hypocrite much?

I am not saying they are not nice enough people to others of their class because they are, but they live in a world where snobbery and elitism is completely normal and it is their most unpleasant trait. Their world view is that we are superior on account of our wealth or position to anyone lower down the social scale and if being better than everyone else makes us snobs so be it. Essentially though it was simply a matter of birth for many of them. The barman if born into a family of wealth or position would be just as boorish as many of the rich that inhabit Sydney and Melbourne’s "finest" clubs. Private schools (tax payer funded in part, the rich just love getting stuff for free from the rest of us), private clubs, and a private cloistered world with its own world view and value system. I don’t blame them, they are the product of a system that is designed to produce arrogant snobs.