dear larry

dear larry

Anarchist “Alpha FB” shares what many of us AC junkies have been thinking for a while now about the long lost USA 17. From the thread, with the shot from Kaufman/Forster photo/Go4image.com

Remember the excitement of catching the first pictures of the monster, her transformation, the speculation and then realisation of the wing, the amazing shots from San Diego… Seeing A5 being built in response, flown (!) over the Alps. Never thought A5 was a particularly pretty boat, but she sure looked menacing… (before we knew how much faster USA17 would turn out to be).

The drift fest of the first few days in Valencia, already nearly two years ago and then the amazing sight of the first race – USA17 roaring into the start area and nailing A5, then immediately screwing up again getting caught in irons…

AC33, according to some, was not what the AC should ultimately be about, but it probably the most ultimate sail race we will see in our lifetime.

I love the AC45’s and the way the crews are hanging on for dear life when the wind is on, the close racing and the amazing show being put on by the whole ACWS. I’m curious about the AC72s, but I fear the larger boats will lose the agility of the smaller boats, without the huge size and sheer majesty of the DoG monsters… wait and see…

I’m planning to come over to SF in 2013 to catch a glimpse of AC34, but I will be very disappointed if USA17 is not around, on the water or at the very least somewhere nice on display!