cape crusader

cape crusader

Bravo to Swiss sailor/adventurer Yvan Bourgnon and crew Sebastien Roubine on their successful rounding of Cape Horn aboard their modified Nacra 20 “Terresen’s Cape Horn Challenge”, and here’s some info from the skipper’s mouth, translated from an AFP piece.

"It’s the hardest thing I’ve done,” Bourgnon said the day after his arrival in Ushuaia (Argentina) after rounding the Horn. The Swiss sailor acknowledged that it took "a good dose of insanity" to make the attempt.

"All the dangers were present," said Bourgnon, though he stressed that the expedition was “very well prepared to minimize the risks." The sailor and his Swiss teammate Sebastien Roubinet Ushuaia landed Thursday at 8:45 p.m., 60 hours and 30 minutes after pushing off on their Nacra F-20, a sports catamaran designed to sail into sheltered waters. “

The two men lived in their dry suits for just under three days, sleeping in snatches of a few minutes on a trampoline drowned under the spray.

"It was exceptionally hostile,” he recounted in a telephone interview with AFP. “At the end of the Beagle Channel, entering the Pacific, we sailed with hundreds of whales. It was magical! "

“The hardest time was the 12 hours of running in the Pacific,” he said. “The sea was rotten. We risked being ejected at any time. We clung, concentrated to avoid capsizing. We tried to slow the boat … "

After Cape Horn, the wind increased to 50 knots, and Bourgnon “started to overtake the waves – it was surreal,” he said. “We had several near-death experiences, doing everything we could to slow the boat, but still sailing 15 knots. For an hour and a half, we spoke nothing. We knew we could count only on ourselves in a sea where you can measure life in two hours.”

After passing Cape Horn, Bourgnon and Roubine rested for a few hours in a sheltered bay. “ We huddled against each other, sheltered under the collapsed canopy.”

Bourgnon, 40, will now move on to other adventures. In mid-March, it will be in Fortaleza, Brazil, to try to establish a 24-hour beach cat record of 800 km. Then, in late 2013, Bourgnon intends to sail on a solo westabout circumnavigation aboard Olivier De Kersauson’s G-Class trimaran “Geronimo.”

From one extreme to another!