sex on two hulls

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sex on two hulls

With hull # 1 of the new Mcconaghy MC²60 ultra high performance luxury catamarans set for a September delivery and number 2 following quickly to Australia, we encourage you to read one new owner’s own words on why he chose this stunning cruiser. At only 8.9 tons, the decidedly modern design from VPLP (and BPV ) alumnus Renaud Bañuls and built by McConaghy China is so far outside the existing ‘performance luxury cat’ box that it’s really created its own new niche.

The project has been helped along by the cream of the French multihull racing scene: Renaud Bañuls, HDS, Thomas Coville, Lorima, Incidences, Ocean Data Systems, Karver…but despite its light weight, the MC2 isn’t a stripped out racing cat. There’s proper accommodation with 4 cabins, and all the stuff you need for comfortable cruising (without going all the way like a Lagoon or Sunreef). It’s a semi-custom boat so the owner can choose their own interior and exterior layout as long as it does not impact the structure.

Hit the thread or get in touch with Raphael Blot (who conceived the concept) via email for more info on the boat that caused our own Ed to exclaim “my god, that’s a sexy cruiser!” And stay tuned for upcoming news on the rumored 50-foot and 80 foot Bañuls-designed versions of the MC² concept.