moth camp mashup

moth camp mashup

Anthony Kotoun checks in from the second event of the Layline Winter Moth Series, grown out of Bora & Bear’s 2009-10 ‘Moth Camp’. Photo from Patrick Rynne.

Ten Moths gathered in Miami again last weekend for our second event in the Layline Winter Moth Series. The group included weekend warriors such as birthday boy (55 yrs!) John Bartlett from Austin, Gerry Bell from Boston and Katherine Knight from England. Adding depth to the deep end was self-exiled laser sailor Brad Funk.

Florida has been flukey lately, and we struggled with wind this weekend with both the Slalom and Saturday’s fleet racing being canned due to no wind. Sunday, the Coconut Groove Sailing Club got us in four races with our reaching start a la ACWS. This allowed for some good fun with John B and Gerry leading the way a few times. Other regattas around the bay only got in 2 races so we felt lucky!

In the end, Anthony Kotoun took the win with Brad Funk beating out Bora on a tie break for 2nd and 3rd, and while we love him, it’s great to see the Michigan wonderboy losing one for a change.

We will be back March 17-18 for event number 3, so come on down and see the good stuff we’ve got going on. With a great winter series in Miami, good events on both the West and East coast and our next two worlds in Lake Garda and Hawaii, it’s a hell of a time to be flying.

Check in with me for the details.