The sailing community unites today for young 16 year old Victorian sailor Tess Lloyd who remains in a Brisbane hospital in an induced Coma after being thrown overboard in an unconscious state yesterday while competing in the Australian Youth Championships held in QLD.

Tragedy struck in the last race when Lloyd and fellow crew member Lewis Duncan lost control and capsized. Lloyd received a nasty whack in the head from the boom, knocking her unconscious and throwing her into the water.

Duncan, unaware of his partners misfortune swam around the boat jumping onto the centre board and was ready to right the boat when he saw Lloyd face down, floating in the water. He quickly dived through between the boom and the hull, turned her over and held her above the water before help arrived.

Lloyd’s father, in a nearby spectator boat arrived at the scene within minutes, jumping in to save her. With assistance from the rescue crew who were also quick to respond, they pulled the teenager onto the spectator boat and was rushed to hospital in an unconscious state.

Lloyd has a fractured skull, was operated on overnight to have a piece of bone removed from her brain. Family, team mate Lewis Duncan and friends are distraught with grief and are praying Lloyd will pull through.

Dan Alcock from Sailing Images QLD, captured the young woman and Duncan before the incident occurred. The Youth World hopefuls were scheduled to compete in the 29er Nationals this Thursday.
We at Sailing Anarchy ask that everyone spare a thought for young Tess her family and friends.

By Nicole Scott.
Photo Credit: Dan Alcock