should i stay or should i go?

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should i stay or should i go?

I did the Pacific Cup in 1998, and ever since, my son and I have talked about doing a Pac Cup together. We started looking for the perfect boat for doing the race last year and finally purchased a J92 last February. The survey showed some wet core in the deck and we knew the main was delaminating and on its last legs. After some repairs, we managed to do a 300 mile delivery home and a couple of beer can races with the boat before pulling it out in September for a total refit. We stripped everything off the boat, rebuilt the engine, ordered new sails, and finished fixing all the wet deck issues.

Just got the rebuilt engine reinstalled this last week, and as usual, everything is taking twice as long to get done as we had planned. We have made our list of all the equipment we need for the race.

I am sure we could do a rush job and get everything back together, and meet all the deadlines for the Pacific Cup, but would have very limited time of actually sailing before the race. I know I tend to be too much of perfectionist and thinking that if we wait until 2014 it will give us more time sailing and time to do a couple of off shore races to get to know the boat and all the equipment. The argument for doing it this year is I am 55 years old and not getting any younger, he is 20 and in his second year of college, who knows how two more years will affect both of our ability to do the race together in 2014? Should I just go for it this year or wait 2 years? Answer here.

-Anarchist Off Watch