year in review?

year in review?

From Far East Anarchist ‘tuf-luf’:

I know my vote for Thread of the Year. What’s yours?

Without a doubt <for me>, it has to be the 2011 Sydney/Hobart Race thread. A most amazing demonstration of community, enthusiasm for the sport and downright candid and vigorous debate about so many aspects of this legendary race.

Thread is still rolling along nicely as yachts continue to finish…but the battle royale between Wild Oats XI and Investec LOYAL right to the finish was, for me, a 7-year SA highlight.

SA-ers from all over Oz posting updates to the thread (during the finish) while sitting on the shore in Hobart and outside the protest room and the next day on the shores.

Awesome stuff!!

Certainly, SA-er "mezaire" has to be called out for generously contributing some of the best OTW Anarchy ever. Onya mez!! We all love your work dude. So…what was your thread-of-the-year? Post it here.