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glenn’s game

The Aussie A-Cat Nationals has pulled together world champions and AC sailors from seemingly every discipline and country, but after two moderate races and two bullets over maybe the most stacked non-Olympic field of cat racers ever, ex-Oracle and now ETNZ sailor Glenn Ashby is showing everyone his ass: Two races, two bullets. Simon Nelson reports, with a photo from SA’er ‘bad dog’ and more here. We’re having trouble figuring out what the official website even is, though the thread’s got what you need when it comes to reports and results, Harken’s Grant Pellew is doing a nice job blogging over here, and we’ll have more reports coming soon.

“I arrived late and was there as people were coming in. The average wind might have been 20 knots but there were regular puffs over 25. Glen pitch poled on the way to the start. Lots of gear failure, some due to manufacturing but enough due to conditions.

“If anybody thinks that Glen arrived without sailing an A for a year, you are mad! He is taking offwind sailing to a new level. Nobody else can make downhill trapezing work. Everybody else is out of control while Glen makes it look easy. Bundy going well, Stevie Brewin is pleased with his first day (better than usual!)

“As for me, my "improved" mainsheet turned into a self-jamming system leading to a capsize and I had to rtd in order to sort it for next race. 2nd race a disappointing 35th. Crap start, even worse boathandling, but was never passed on boat speed. Downwind, I could actually overtake DNA’s which I couldn’t do last year.

“I nearly didn’t do this week having sailed so little and not really being 100% physically. Despite the pain of sailing badly, the sailing was fantastic today and the fleet is a great bunch of people. So pleased to be here!

“More tomorrow!”