on board


Leg 2, Day 13
24 December 2011 
Amory Ross, MCM, PUMA Ocean Racing powered by BERG 

PUMA Ocean Racing officially hates the doldrums; they have no mercy! We keep saying that our luck has to change, that we’re due for some good fortune, but the last two nights have been in total disagreement. We’re still “in for it” out here, having again suffered another night of localized misfortune thanks to another windless cloud we couldn’t evade. 

The guys worked so hard yesterday to make up lost miles from night number one, and were rewarded. A great afternoon with steady winds and consistent direction saw us sail back into this race; at one point Groupama was 9 miles away. But night number two was no less cruel and we now find ourselves back another 30 or so from them, having missed our hole. Telefónica and CAMPER to our east seem launched, too. All it takes is one cloud. One incredibly nasty, mean, unkind cloud, and we keep finding them in the dark. It literally takes the wind out of our sails. 

The wind is back for now and we have to pick ourselves up off the floor one more time. I guess we’re getting used to it? There’s still a lot of race left in this leg and it’s no less a minefield between where we now sail and our super-secret finishing line. 

I’m not going to say anything about fortune, or luck, or how we’re waiting for ours, or anything like that… I’m done – we’re done – assuming there’s any truth to it. But what I will say is that the boat that’s behind has the advantage in this situation and we’re happy to play the spoiler!