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inide sydney hobart

Tidetech has released a new version of its online oceanographic data viewer.
The online viewer gives access to a unique resource of information not available anywhere else. Providing accurate data for tides, ocean currents, sea surface temperatures (SST), waves and wind, this is the first resource of its kind offering all of these data elements in one place – online.

The benefit of the online viewer is that all recreational boaters can access this resource in a simple to interpret format on a variety of devices such as laptop, iPad/tablet and mobile device. The data can also be printed for easy reference. In other words, you don’t have to be a pro to get pro-level information.

Tidal and ocean current data is available up to three days in advance (wind up to five days in advance) meaning an internet connection is not continually required during use.

Tidetech is giving Sailing Anarchy readers the chance to access the Sydney-Hobart data live until Friday. The Sydney to Hobart data is currently available along with demo’s of various other locations including south coast UK and San Francisco.

To get access:

go to http://tideapp.tidetech.org/imageplayernew
Username – anarchyrules
Password – tidetech

To access the Sydney-Hobart information click on ‘Products’ and select ‘Sydney to Hobart’.

Tidetech will also be setting up specific tide and current data for Sydney Harbour for the upcoming Etchell Worlds – you’ll see a taster of Sydney Harbour tidal streams in one of the demo’s. Let us know if you’re competing.

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