morbid maryland

It’s been Maryland’s deadliest year for boating accidents in more than a decade, and the capsize of a Precision 18 two days ago on the Chesapeake looks to have added two moreunfortunates to the total. Three sailors went into the 47 degree water, and the amazing part is that one of them lived – a woman who was taken to the hospital for hypothermia and shock. One man was recovered but unresponsive, and the third, 25 years old, still has not been recovered – and neither has the sailboat.

Conditions were relatively benign according to official reports, though Anarchists on the bay tell us it was breezier than the 15 knots cited in the official report, and certainly cold. Our condolences to the families of the lost sailors, and a little reminder: Get your sailing fix but please stay safe! Thread is here.