A couple of weeks ago we had that incredible catapult broach on the Pacer 27 offshore Cape Town. There’s a great vibe here with the Volvo circus being in town. This week, in considerably lighter conditions, but still in fairly strong breeze, incredibly we had another MOB incident. Our 15 year old super fit mast man fell overboard backwards but managed to hook a foot in between the shrouds. Displaying amazing athleticism, he pulled himself back onto the boat and carried on bagging the asso without so much as a blink of an eye. The scene is at about 2.10 in the video clip.

The MOB clip I sent in a few weeks ago generated a staggering 32000 views in 16 days of which the majority came directly from Sailing Anarchy. Way to go! It must surely be the best space on the net to advertise anything to do with sailing!  Anarchist Trygve.