From on board 11th Hour Racing sailing in the TJV.

Despite our best efforts to avoid it, we have been munched up by a huge high pressure system. Plodding along in 5 knots of breeze, it seems that everyone else on the racecourse is fairing a better fate than us. This is partly true and partly the psychological effect of being a sailor without
wind… the fear that everyone else has that which you want so much. It’s very nerve wracking.

As of some point last night we are under 3000 miles to the finish, having covered just over 2000 miles in the 11 days since the start. Today also marks the longest single stretch I have ever spent offshore at one time. We have been trading miles with Phoenix, which at this point seems to be our primary adversary. Two boats, 40 Degrees and Solo, have split and headed over
the top of the high pressure system and are about to hit an express lane that will send them rocketing to the south west. Very lucky break that could end up winning the race for one of them. The rest of us are stuck trying to muddle through this low wind quagmire that exists where the tradewinds should be that we came down here looking for. Such is life.

The Cityblooms aquatic project is getting ramped back up. After a successful first harvest at the dock I put the Microgreen system below decks as we were a bit preoccupied with the weather during the first week to think about doing any farming. However, things have settled down and I started some seeds 2 days ago so we should be ready for our first salad by the middle of the
week. I will try to pull off a perpetual harvest system where we will have fresh greens every 2-3 days after the first harvest.