The latest from Marco Naninni

We have been in Cape Town for a week so here is a long overdue update following the emotional finish with the glorious sight of Table Mountain in the background. One of the first comments that race director Josh Hall shared with me was that the crews arriving in this edition of the Global Ocean Race were far more tired and exhausted than three years ago, I was totally drained so I was not surprised to hear this, the battle for the podium in the final stages of the race pushed us to new limits and claimed all residual energies. It has taken me several days to feel anywhere near normal, and with no lack of celebrations and social gatherings it has been even more difficult to catch up with sleep.

Cape Town is an extraordinary city and we have been welcomed by some of the friendliest people i have ever come across, this is a land of opportunities and the outlook people have for the future is refreshingly optimistic and everyone has a “can do” attitude that make you feel the opportunities in life are truly endless.

Certainly the biggest piece of news I have to share with you is that for a variety of personal reasons, Paul will unfortunately be unable to carry on with the race. It is a huge committment for anyone taking part, Paul has been at the very core of the success so far and key in our fantastic result into Cape Town so this undoubtedly brings a new challenge to the campaign. I wanted to share a public thank you to Paul for all he´s done in being part of this lifetime adventure and now that Paul has returned to the UK he will certainly enjoy some hard earned quality time with his family that he has barely been able to see since getting involved full time on the campaign back in April.

Part of the reason why I delayed sending a news update was that I had to secure a new co-skipper for the remainder of the race. This has now all been agreed and only subject to the ratification of the race committee so I will keep you on your toes for a few more days when I will announce my new partner in crime, it will come as nothing short of a bombshell, so make sure you stay tuned for the announcement. My lips are sealed till then!