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Madeleine Sassy shares her dedication to making it happen…

Mediterranee Fever
I reached my sailing team “Geranium Killer” (A40RC) earlier in September, for a couple of races (Baticup and Juriscup in Marseille). It was the first races for GK during the season 2011. Late, for sure, but because of technical and organisational problems, it was impossible to sail before.

After Juris Cup: Med Race with M34 “Sud de France – Languedoc Roussillon” in ranking “youngs”, so without Bertrand Pacé or all the famous stars, just with young sailors under 26 years old (Maxime Garbay, Ulysse Hoffmann, Christophe François, Hugo de Pavant, Alice Hebert, William Schembre, me and Alexandre Viel, skipper for this race, normal bowman from Sud de France – Languedoc Roussillon during Tour de France à la Voile)

3 of us went from GK’s team, “the killers”, and it was a pleasure to race together, we knew each other very well since our victory on the Tour de Corse à la Voile 2010. And for the young sailors, it was almost the first time for them on a “big” boat. They went from Laser, 49er, etc., but with a big experience and level. We did a great race, the goal was to enjoy, to be focused, to learn, and to race “as clear as possible”. Mission: checked.

After the delivery of M34 at Sète, let’s go for the Tour de Corse à la Voile 2011 with GK again. Big preparation for the boat, with a rough delivery and rough conditions already announced by meteo’s files. Tour de Corse à la Voile, this year, was not a simple game..

We did a very good race, with all the conditions: 4kts, 18kts 30 minutes after, to arrive upwind at 28kts with a difficult sea. Just after the Giraglia : spi up ! And meanwhile we did some chinese gibe or broach (peeling A1/A3/S2 in 30 minutes…), we broke the helm. We tried to fix it but impossible: GK was “DNF”, with 3 spinnakers broken.

We fixed our helms and we decided to hoist our last spinnaker, the famous S4 : speed record for the boat (22.6kts) with a wind close to 38 kts. The owner of the boat, Charles Méténier, was amazed by GK, it was the first time for him and for the team with this kind of conditions.

We know for sure that sails Deltavoiles are very good, but a S4 isn’t invincible and it exploded 30 minutes after hoisting. After that, impossible to continue our speed test, just with an A1 wasn’t very logical!

GK is now at home, and last week : Trophée SEMAC, last race for Mediterranean Championship. I changed my cap “Killer” for my cap “Genapi”, Swan 42. Genapi after this race won in IRC1, so is Mediterranean Champion against his rival “Bella Donna”.

This race was really interesting , we saw the big battle between Glenn Ellen V (A40) and Sayann Madraco (First 40) which raced for the 1st place in IRC2, and the level mixed to the weather conditions was a big show full of tactical, rage and desire to win. It’s very nice to see that. More, Sayann had big troubles during the race, all the time. So from Genapi, of course, we supported a lot “Sayann Supa Crew”, and much his preparation! 🙂 Glen Ellen V won, and will be on the Final IRC Championship in La Trinité sur mer, 11/13 November.

Right now, teams from Mediterrannee will be in La Trinité, but there is also World Championship in Longtze, at Hyères the same date. My girl team will be there , of course, to try to defend our level (Magali Pallanca, Narjis Mustafa, Benedicte Juhel and me). To have a training, we’ll be in Lyon for Match Race next week, and after World Championship, France’s Championship in Match Race at Pornichet.

The goal is to prepare a good season 2012, with girls of course. Magali Pallanca and me will decide quickly if we’re able to go on a Olympic Preparation for 2016. So … to be continued!