road trip

We honestly just love this sort of stuff and if our sport is in the hands of kids like this, the the sport is going to have a bright future…

We are a group of 8 young people in the age of 19 – 22 from Denmark. We are all currently staying at the Danish Sailing Academy in Århus. In October we went with the Academy and it’s Melges 24’s to participate in the annual Schwiss championship in Luino.  We were two boats that went and we finished at 11 and 16 overall.  We made a short video from our trip, that we would like to share with you guys from Sailing Anarchy! 🙂 We have only had 4 months of training in the boat, and it’s great how the class opens it’s arms for you, when you are about 20-30 years younger than the most of the guys sailing the class. The trip was a lot of fun, and it’s a competitive class so we think we did quite well.  – Anarchist Søren