so cal cat fever

So last year around this time a few of my friends and I took a ride on a Hobie 33 from Newport to San Diego to deliver the boat for a race…. we got this!! Needless to say when the “Gladstone’s Long Beach” ProSail 40 asked me to help out with their delivery from the LBC-SD I did two things, checked the weather and then said yes (wind was in the forecast). Those not familiar with the ProSail 40’s should take note that these things were the high-tech rocket ships of their year and can still offer a taste of what we are witnessing in the Americas Cup now.

We all got a taste of what Catamaran Sailing can offer when we took off from Long Beach on Friday en-route to San Diego. It all started off nice and smooth with a brisk 15kt breeze pushing us down the coast with our spinnaker up and casually flying a hull. It feels good when you are in total control and reaching speeds of 20+ knots in near perfect conditions. That lasted all of 10 minutes as a squall fast approached from behind. Furl up the spinnaker and hold on was the call, and a good call it was. Before we knew it we were in a 30-35kt rain cloud with our full main up plowing through waves. Now it was fun! At this point we were “trying” to go slow at 25-30kts of boat-speed and trying to keep this thing upright. Best quote was when Randy Smith (who was doing a fine job driving) looked around and asked, “Anyone have any suggestions?” What?? i thought he was the go to guy! My suggestion was don’t flip. Good times! Most fun on a boat in a few months and as I looked over at Zac (Sunderland) I could only think how lucky I was to be sitting where I was at (he was getting the brunt of the water).

Eventually we reefed, eventually the storm passed, and eventually I got cold (no getting cold when you are going that fast with the adrenaline pumping). These things are fun, no two ways about that, and I can only imagine what the AC 70’s are going to produce. On another note I think Long Beach would be a great place to host the AC 45 World Series, and probably offer better sailing and viewing conditions than “other” venues.

Just another day at the office and another epic adventure down the calm coast of California. Who in So Cal want’s to take their boat out next time it blows?? Call me because I can not get enough of it (however, boat must be capable of 20kts or not interested!).

Check out the full length video here. – Keith Magnussen