The latest from the Class 40 11th Hour Racing in the Transat Jacques Vabre.

We are in BFOW territory. Yes the land of Big F-Off Waves. We are currently running south in a westerly swell that must be topping 30 feet. We have no idea how hard the wind is blowing because the wind instrument blew off the top of the mast during the ass kicking we received in the cold front last night. The boat kept trying to jump off waves like she was getting ready
for the X-Games motor cross event..

The computer is telling us that our optimum course is to turn into the swell and head more west. I told the computer where it could stick its optimum course. If the computer does not like that it can get off the boat because by unanimous vote of the 11th Hour Racing subcommittee on not getting our asses kicked any more the only place this boat is going is South.

The good news is that the boat is intact and her crew is safe and secure. With the 4th reef in the main and a reefed staysail Cutlass was puttering along in the 40+ knot gusts like the little engine that could. She is a good girl and is doing her best to take good care of us. We, in turn, will do the same for her.