baby on board

This SCoW has been racing sailboats since she was a baby, which makes this summer all the more special since Anne Porter Muller spent the entire summer racing her C-SCOW while carrying a baby! With Anne due to burst in early December, the sailing season started in Indiana in May when people wondered why she wasn’t drinking and so the news broke. Home to Lake Beulah for most of the summer, with trips back to Indiana and up to Minnesota for regattas, there was no slowing this SCoW down, whether driving or crewing! Only in August after the last major regatta did she bow to her condition and limit herself to one day per weekend of racing.

By the time the world-famous Beulah Challenge came around in mid-September when this pic was snapped, there was no more hiding it, this SCoW was full on preggers! That didn’t stop her from sailing three races in light breezes on Saturday at the Challenge, waddling to and fro and sitting under the boom best she could, before she gave way to a couple of very young future-baby-mamas who filled in admirably for the final race. Two weeks later, in early October, eight weeks from baby-makes-three, Anne took to the water once more – three races later, in a nice, fresh 12-18 knot breeze, and it was time to hang up the spray top. Actually, fortunately, there was no need for the spray top on that bright sunshiny day, which is a good think because it’s been months since the spray top was fitting over the preggo-top!