drop it like its hot

From the boys at Esse on their new ride….

After the success of the Esse 850, Josef Schuchter has rolled out the next amazing design by Umberrto Felci.

The Esse 750 is a classically elegant high-speed design intended for the truly discriminating racer. The Esse 750 is designed for either single-handed or double-handed racing – all the controls are in one location convenient to the helmsman, the gennaker launches and retracts into a tube built into the hull and the jib is self-tacking.

The best part: the Esse 750 is significantly faster than the Melges 24 and there is no need for athletic and gut-wrenching hiking to get the boat to go. With a 54% ballast to displacement ratio, the Esse 750 is stable at the dock, under way to weather and off the wind with the gennaker up. The traditional Esse construction quality means this is a boat with no compromises and it is ready to race right out of the box.

The Esse 750 is a complete carbon fiber implementation, with the hull and deck carbon fiber/Airex core, a carbon fiber mast, carbon fiber boom, carbon fiber sprit and carbon fiber tiller.

If you want to go racing without needing to recruit crew every time you leave the dock or you want to get one of your kids or a significant other hooked on racing, this is the boat to have.

Details at Esse Pacific Northwest, North American importer.