dfl in style

The big story of the first part of the Atlantic Cup was not our old friend Rail Meat’s smart victory in the inaugural event (as great as that was).  Nor was it the crazy weather (Summer on LI, already?).  Nor was it the Volvo-style ‘media crew member’ on each boat (brilliant as that was) or the 15 grand in prize money that awaits the victors.
No, the story was a couple of 20 something race boat managers/rigger types that managed to put together a Class 40 just days before the start, thanks in part to Ralf Steitz at the King’s Point Sailing Foundation.  You can listen to the whole story from Ben Poucher and Tim Fetsch on Icarus at the interview link here. The AC has been doing some extremely good video work.  Check out the full video gallery here.