another fiasco

The Sloop Tavern Yacht Club has a 30+ year of getting like-minded drinkers sailors together to make racing better without regard for politics or egos, and they’re doing it again – this time, with a Puget Sound version of San Francisco’s super-successful Three Bridge Fiasco this weekend.  Here’s the scoop from ‘Ballard Sailor’ – check the thread for more info and go sign up!

Introducing, everyone, the “Three Buoy Fiasco”. Commodore Tim Morgenroth has orchestrated his enthusiastic board at STYC into re-inventing the Three Bridge Fiasco into a PNW format that will be fun, challenging and unique – but most importantly encourage participation from other yacht clubs from both the East and West sides of Puget Sound. Through the help and guidance of Commodore Pat Mitchell, of Port Madison Yacht Club, and with the enthusiastic permission of the Singlehanded Sailing Society of San Francisco Bay, the “Fiasco” is coming North to Puget Sound.

So what the heck will this Fiasco be you ask? Let me tell you . . . A “Fiasco” style race incorporates multiple marks that can be rounded in any direction in any order (and you can start and finish in any direction as well). Marks may be in areas where anchoring is needed to wait for a puff or where you simply abandon your attempt at a mark and come back later (one might even have a barge attached). This will be a pursuit style race with the slower rated boats starting first which helps in clearing the starting area for boats of different design and ability. The starting area will be off the North end of the Shilshole Bay marina at the “N” mark (the Tug boat buoy). Racers will be allowed to start in either direction. The course marks will be West Point Buoy, Halvorsen’s Tug Boat Buoy near the entrance to Hidden Cove on Bainbridge Island, and PMYC’s Jefferson Head Buoy near the fishing pier on the South side of Jefferson’s Head. Racers are allowed to round any mark, in any order, in any direction. Approximately a 15 mile course with a plethora of opportunities for tactical choices that can allow you to go from zero to hero in a matter of minutes (or the other way around). The pursuit style start helps bring the sailboats back to the finish area at a somewhat similar time in order to get all the racers to the after race party that’s being graciously hosted by Ballard Sails – Libations, BBQ, Pictures & Stories – should be a hoot.

Unlike the Three Bridge Fiasco, the Puget Sound version will be fully crewed, yet racers are encouraged to create groups, as they see fit, and petition for your own class. Olson 30’s, Jack and Jill’s, Columbia 26’s, Short Handed, Vipers, Thunderbirds, etc… You motivate it and the Sloop Tavern Yacht Club will make it happen.

An interesting tidbit has been included in this fun styled race to encourage participation of West Side sailboats – an East/West trophy to encourage friendly competition and participation. To further this goal Port Madison Yacht Club is being encouraged to host the start/finish of this race every other year. Many of the West Side Yacht Clubs have reciprocal privileges with East side Yacht Clubs at Shilshole. It’s time to use those reciprocals and get on over here and have some fun!

So when is this Fiasco on Puget Sound? The STYC Spring Race was scheduled for May 14th and through the reformatting of the race course the Three Buoy Fiasco will utilize the same date for 2011, May 14. Just one week after the Puget Sound “Must Do Race”, Race to the Straits – your boat will be primed and ready, even at Shilshole, from the finish of the RTTS. Save the Date – May 14th, 2011 for the 1st year of many Three Buoy Fiasco’s to be run on Puget Sound. This kinda fun only comes around once a year, don’t miss it! This race is free for STYC and PMYC members and only $25 to enter if you are a member of another club, AND, and this is a big and, Non-STYC members can do one, repeat one, STYC racer per year FREE! You can’t beat that deal! This offer applies to all STYC races except those that STYC has operational costs on (the Blakely Rock Benefit, Race to the Straits & Down the Sound). So there is no reason you can’t make it on over for this race.

So head on over to the Sloop Tavern Yacht Club’s Website and click on Three Buoy Fiasco and get your boat registered for this inexpensive, fun and exciting new race!