When we received this M34 training video, the thing that jumped out at us was how the hardest working person on board was the chick in the pit. So we reached out to her and found her to be one full-on sailor chick! Our SCOTW, Madeleine Sassy:
Last year, i was on the Tour de France à la Voile with “Ville du Port-Région Réunion”, as pit (yes, pit is good girl job!) . I trained on Reunion Island with the team. Before, i sailed a lot nationals races but it was my first experience with farr30.

During the Tour, when my sailing times were finished, i decided to go in organisation of the race, during 3 days, and then i proposed to help the team “Supélec” which had a lot of troubles. Tour de France was for them the first real race. It was really complicated, for the team but also about safety , and for the others boats.

I began co-skipper of this boat with Sylvain Escurat for the end of the Tour. My best memory : to arrive in Port Camargue at the first leg , first buoy, on the left : TPM – COYCH, on the right : Nouvelle Calédonie. Amazing. At the end, we never finished the last, it was the “challenge” of the crew. 1 month later, i was in “Championnat de France espoirs” in Le Havre , still with “Ville du Port-Région Réunion”.

I sailed after that in Holland , with First 35 “Shark”, and then “Route des Iles” with Région Bruxelles Capitale. Just 2 days after, i was on Rolex Swan Cup in Porto Cervo with Atalante 2, swan 56, still pit. We finished 4th. The race was excellent, good level, and boats really really big. It’s really different, but it was perfect.

Then, I sailed a lot with Mike Cohen, with Swan 42 “Génapi”, but also with Géranium Killer. We wan Tour de Corse à la Voile and had our ticket to final awards IRC méditerranée. At the end, Géranium finished 2nd of National IRC. I finished my season with X41 “Magician” , still with Mike Cohen, for Novembre à Hyères and some others races.

Season was finished, but not for me : I decided to create my project “Chérie Chérie Sailing Team” , to create a girl team for the Tour de France à la Voile. Mission really hard because of the level , of course, but also of the weight : first , gauge was at 625 kilos, 78 kilos per sailor. Impossible with just girls. Luce Molinier, Cécile Poujol and Magali Pallanca are in. Samantha Davies helped me also to create it, with her.

So I decided to mix my team with my good dutch and french boys friends. They are from Mummaduck – Oiltanking (skipper : Laurent Pagès last year – 3rd amateur) , and from other teams. Since January , I live in Amsterdam as “aupair” , and in February, new plan and new idea : to mix my team with “Delft Challenge”, the high level student’s team. They stayed really close to me since the last Tour, and we are really good friends. That’s why to mix my team with them was a good idea, for the level but for the “young” side also, girls and boys with experience, and a european team.

The M34 “Cheeky Monkey” arrived , and baptism was 26 March. “You’re mad? Oh… Cheeky Monkey !” is the full name (joke with “mado”, my nickname). Since that , we are training a lot and a lot, every week. Our goal : top 5. Impossible ? Absolutely not. For now, we will stay in Holland for training and North Sea Regatta , with our “NED 69”. Then … let’s go for the Tour de France à la Voile 2011. Picture Morris Addant.