parrothead antidote

We recently happened upon a truly brilliant summary of why you should never again sour the air with Jimmy Buffet music.  Here’s the beginning – read the whole thing at the clever cruising website of Maverick.

In the neck of the woods, if I may use this nautically inappropriate phrase, where we now find ourselves, many who sail boats feel that an activity essential to establishing their bona fides is listening to, and paradoxically, enjoying, the music of Jimmy Buffet. A man can gather quite a few fans if he names himself after a manner of serving food, and he might be even more successful with the first name, “Free.” In any case, he’s doing quite well enough, and such is his success that his fans have adopted a special sobriquet all their own, and it’s a reasonable bet that they didnt have to wrestle anybody to get it, which is, “Parrotheads.” The etymology of this word is not without interest, derived as it is from the conjoining of the word“parrot,” meaning a bird of the order Psittaciformes with a hooked bill and bright plumage, with “head,” a word meaning an appendage of the body some have found useful, although not the Parrotheads. Further, we can trace the origins of this word to the precedent, “Deadheads” which word was derived from “potheads” and “acidheads,” terms in turn modified from the earlier appellations, “meathead,” “pinhead,” “blockhead,” and “poo-poo head.” It’s a shame to see the way the language has degenerated. Read on.